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30% off weight loss special

Our Own Dr. Mike Chandler Discusses Our Top-Notch Weight-Loss Program

Dr. Mike Chandler

Dr Mike Chandler has cared for families and athletes for over 20 years. After losing 28 lbs of fat himself in 2011 with his all natural weight loss program, he decided to focus on helping patients reach their ideal body weight and size
without having to use hormones, drugs, starvation programs, or extreme exercise. His ‘Doctor Supervised Weight Loss’ program has helped over 10,000 happy patients.

Affordable Weight Loss

Fitness & Nutrition for Broward County

Welcome to a weight loss program where you can safely lose up to 25lbs in only 40 days! At AFC Urgent Care, our clients, regardless of age, gender or lifestyle lose an average of 25lbs using our Doctor-Supervised Natural Weight Loss program in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Our Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss program is now available for the people of Southeast Florida at the right price, from board-certified physicians! Our safe and natural ingredients help suppress your appetite and expedite your metabolism to successfully help you burn fat.

You have nothing to lose – besides unwanted “pounds and inches”!

  • No Drugs
  • No HCG
  • No Exercise Required
  • No Prepackaged Foods
  • No Dieters Remorse

Our weight loss system is based on the following:

  • A Portioned-Controlled Eating Plan:
    • 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day of your own food
  • Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss Liquid Supplement
    • Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss Drops Components
    • Raspberry Ketone Drops

Our weight-loss plan also includes a complete blood test before you start as well as a consultation with our physician in addition to bi-weekly consultations to monitor and determine your progress.


Tips For Using Our Product:

  1. Under your tongue, take 7 drops and hold for approximately 90 seconds to allow it to absorb.
  2. Every 7 hours, repeat step number 1. Should translate to about 3x/day
  3. Refer to the food plan instructions for lunch and dinner and follow them.
  4. Only have non-sugar, non-dairy creamer with your coffee or tea. Only have coffee or tea at breakfast. For sweetener, do not use Stevia – Truvia is OK.
  5. Drink water regularly throughout the day. Beverages OK to consume include water, tea and coffee (but with no sugar or cream).
  6. Because this is a low exercise plan, do not exercise too strenuously. Stick to low-energy excercises, such as walking or stretching.

While most diet plans are expensive – some costing at least $3,000 – at AFC Urgent Care of Pembroke Pines & Cooper City, our weight loss program is both exceedingly affordable and effective. We help you achieve fast results – all without the use of Phentermine or HCG, or starving yourself. Our program also doesn’t require any exercise initially, helping you ease into the weight loss process. The best part: our program’s all under the supervision of a fully-licensed physician and takes just 6 weeks! Our simple financing plan lets you pay for the program with affordable down payment of only $199.

As an added Bonus, AFC Urgent Care Urgent Care Pembroke Pines is providing FREE Screenings for Glucose, Cholesterol, Body Mass Index (BMI) and Blood Pressure at our Wellness Workshop.

To take advantage of our doctor-supervised weight loss program, visit our center any day of the week or call us at 954-450-8500. Remember: for a limited time we’re offering 30% off! Visit us today!

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